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in depth hardwood flooring fort worth tx 2Exactly when a hardwood floor is refinished this increases its quality and improves its exquisite look. This is usually done with sanding, recoloring, cleaning, varnishing, and wrapping up. Sometimes refinishing will take up a lot of time to repair all the damages to the wooden floorings, and there are also some case where the board needs to replaced entirely.

Fort Worth Hardwood Flooring offers an absolute service covering each step of wood flooring refinishing. We fix damaged areas that are usually brought by its usage for a long time. We do this by lifting the damaged floors, ensuring that the sheets are for the most part secure, refitting or changing old sheets and floorings or parquet blocks, and regluing.

Wood Floor Sanding

A refined technician has the consistency to accomplish the work. Nails, staples, and tacks are discarded so the sandpaper will in no way be torn. The sander must follow the grain of the wood and that requires the right thickness and grade of sandpaper. Sanding is a method to eliminate security layers of your floorings, for example, stains, oils or wax. By doing this, it will make its surface smooth, great and level.


When you are finished with sanding, the flooring may then be recolored with either varnish, stain, lacquer, normal wax or oils. Staining improves the wood grain instead of covering it unlike painting.

Wood floor recoloring and varnishing in two different stages is more sensible when using a hued stain. You have more control over the consistency of the shade and strength of the sealant. The deterioration of the stain or sealant will emphatically not influence the shade of the flooring underneath.


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Wax is a totally common floor covering: peril free for you, your family members, your home,in depth hardwood flooring fort worth tx 3 and nature. It offers the mildest and smoothest of completions for your floorings

This natural product is based on common vegetable oils and waxes. Like a regular and natural oil, it includes the fundamental shade of the wood and emphasizes its normal grain. It has gotten popular over the last couple of years with its equilibrium of normal oil and varnish consolidating a trademark look with improved solidity. When you decide to repaint your flooring with shaded wax, it will an appearance where you can see and appreciate the natural grain of the wood.

Securing and Varnishing

When you compare this to oil sealers, varnishes are much easier to apply and maintain, these things are commonly used and applied for moderate and substantial traffic areas at your home.

Veneers nowadays usually don’t make the ‘plastic’ look and give sheen in a matt, lustrous silk or gleaming covering any more.

Our proposed finish would be a polyurethane enamel – significantly resistant to being worn out which will let you do some recoloring to the floor underneath. Remember that by utilizing this, you will restrict the breathing limit of your wooden floor since this is not a natural material.

We, at Fort Worth Hardwood Floorings, can give you a free assessment of your floor and propose the most perfect treatment according to your needs. You don’t have to worry if you have no knowledge about what your flooring needs because we will analyze it for you and discuss everything there is to know about it.