Manufacturers officially introduced LVT flooring back in 2006, its acceptance in commercial facilities has become more widespread in only the past few years. LVT flooring is now an increasingly popular option as an alternate to wood and tiles for both residential and commercial applications.

There are many reasons why vinyl flooring has become more attractive to specifiers. Improving technologies have meant that vinyl flooring offers remarkably realistic 3-D photo replication of natural materials. And, when installed correctly LVT flooring can tolerate heavy pedestrian traffic and withstand moisture without warping. this mix of versatility, durability, and elegance makes LVT a true contender for any project.

Hardwood Flooring Fort Worth is expected in vinyl flooring products and has dedicated itself to producing the absolute best luxury vinyl flooring on the market. Their products boast many benefits including:

fort worth luxury vinyl flooring


One of the clear benefits of vinyl over its alternative is that the simple installation. Compared to wood and tile vinyl flooring installation are often quicker and easier and Hardwood Flooring Fort Worth has a variety of various installation options available.

Their loosely CLIC System’s unique vertical interlocking format allows this product to be laid quickly over most existing surfaces. One clear benefit here is there’s often no got to close premises during refurbishments saving customers time and money, perfect for the retail, hotel, hospitality, or domestic sectors; it’s an installer answer to a quicker finish on virtually any project.


The Hardwood Flooring Fort Worth LVT range may be a popular choice for both public and commercial areas that are designed for top traffic wear including retail, hotels, hospitality, and is additionally an excellent option for residential use. The LVT range offers an array of various options with varying wear layers to satisfy the requirements of the environment you are specifying.


Luxury vinyl far surpasses the cleanability of carpet with regard to spills. Unlike carpet, staining is unlikely if a spill is wiped up in a timely manner. Its overall simple maintenance regarding spills is unsurpassed.

Hardwood Flooring Fort Worth offers a variety of surface treatments that improve maintenance even further. Their PUR+ surface treatment provides excellent cleaning characteristics and improved resistance to scratching. This makes it extremely durable and hardwearing and offers additional protection against impacts, stains, and scratches. it’s also easy to wash because the surface doesn’t trap excess dirt.


Much time has been spent by Hardwood Flooring Fort Worth to harness the texture of both wood and mineral textures to supply realistic and hardwearing LVT options. The Vinyl Flooring designs now available deliver attention grabbing, on-trend selection of quality colors and textures that add style to virtually any environment. Their sophisticated ranges offer a palette of realistic wood and mineral finishes in tile and plank formats, with beveled edges.


Impact Not only are Hardwood Flooring Fort Worth’s floor coverings aesthetically pleasing the corporate is additionally dedicated to reducing environmental impact. Their LVT range is fully recyclable at end of life and comprises recycled materials. it’s also REACH compliant as Hardwood Flooring Fort Worth is extremely aware of the potential impacts of producing on both people and therefore the environment.